AU when Thomas, Minho and Newt know each other since they were brats.


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The Maze Runner B-ROLL1

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The Maze Runner casts dance! I’m dying here lol


A spam of The Maze Runner cast because they are perfect <3


Minho, newt and thomas ♡♥ op We Heart It


Minho, newt and thomas ♡♥ op We Heart It


King of saxony bird-of-paradise (Pteridophora alberti)

The King of Saxony is a bird in the bird-of-paradise family (Paradisaeidae).  It is endemic to montane forest in New Guinea. The bird is sometimes referred to as “Kiss-a-ba” by the natives of Papua New Guinea and Western New Guinea, as a human interpretation of the male’s loud call. Adult males are territorial. The male guards its territory from perches placed in the tops of tall trees, and from these perches sings to compete with males in neighbouring territories. While singing, the male moves his occipital plumes about.



Wakey wakey Optimus, it’s time for a “team-up with your archnemesis against a common foe” plot line and we all know those end in either new found mutual respect, sudden but inevitable betrayal or, if it’s a fanfiction, sex. 

I vote for sex.